If you have never asked God, Why?. Then you are probably one of the very few people on this earth, who have at least a small belief in God, who hasn’t. I know I have many times but not lately.

How could there be a God and allow a child to die or suffer? Why?

That person was so good and did so much for others, why would God allow them to suffer in that way?

I’ve tried so hard to train my child up knowing you Lord, how could you have taken him away from me through drugs?

Why would you allow such a bad person to live Lord, yet take the life of one of your workers?

So many questions.

I too have had experience in my life that I wonder why God would have allowed that to happen. Childhood experiences, divorce, sick child just to name a few. Yes, I would ask, why?

Then I realized, those questions are only questions because the thing that God allowed to happen effected me or someone I loved. So then I had to ask myself, why not me? I’m no one special, so why should my pain be spared and someone else be riddled with it?

I may not understand everything that happens to me in my life. I may think it was unfair, painful and sometimes hard to forgive. But those things in my life, in your life, have a purpose. Can be used to bring glory to God and show others how His mercy and grace works. If we allow it!

John 9:3  “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.

And if I’m gonna ask Why on every painful and hard thing, then I need to ask Why on the joyous and blessed too.

Free will and choice are the true culprits in the tragedies of our lives but God can and will make good out of them if we ask Him to. And that good will bring multitudes of joy to us.

So don’t ask Why, ask Why not, and seek to find what you can learn from that experience, who you can bless through it and how you can bring glory to Him in it.

Thank you Lord for loving me enough to walk through it all with me! Amen

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