Life Application Study Bible

Hello friends! I’m excited to have the opportunity through Bible Gateway and as a Gateway Blog member to share with you a resource that will enhance your study experience and aid in bringing you closer to understanding how the past (before Christ) leads you straight to now (after Christ).

Right at the very beginning of this study bible it has a section on Application. Why is application so important? We can read and memorize the scriptures all we want but if we do not apply it to our life and change our ways so we align with who God would want us to be, then we’ve missed the boat.

Of course then comes each book of the Old & New Testament. I love at the beginning of each book it gives you the Vital stats of that book. The “low down” if you will. That way you know who they are talking about and why this book is important to us.

I get excited about this next feature. Each book gives you a description of some of the most important characters that played a role in that book. Why is this so exciting? Because I can get to know them a bit better. I might see characteristics in them that I see in myself and be able to learn from them. The bible gives such information as: strengths/accomplishments, weakness/mistakes, lessons they learned, a few vital stats and key verses pertaining to that character. Makes it a little more personal for me and therefore a bit easier to APPLY it to my life.

I’m attaching a picture of another section of each book called the Blue Print. This information is simply a snap shot of what you’re gonna find in that particular book.

See the link below to be able to order this great study bible. There are many places where you can find this bible for purchase. This is just 1 suggested resource.

Well speaking of resources. The bible has in the back of the book just boo-coos of resources for you to pull from. These are a few that I found helpful! * How to become a Christian , * How to follow up with a new believer and *Hard questions with scripture references. These are just a few of the wonderful resources built right into this one Bible.

I also want to encourage you to use a very handy tool @

Through this resource, you can have reading plans, daily scriptures and the full bible in many difference versions so that you are able to compare with each other to make sure you understand what God is trying to say to you specifically through scripture. All at your finger tips, 24/7. Hope you find it to be a useful tool.

I hope that you will take advantage of all the tools you have to seek a closer walk with Jesus and grow so that you become all who God created you to be. So tomorrow when you wake, you’ll be ready to make disciples that make disciples.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Lord thank you for providing me with avenues to bring you the glory!

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