Other………… what does that bring to mind?

Immediately for me I think of the other person. The one standing in front of me. The sinner just like me. The over achiever. The shamed. The abused. The champion. The elite. The lazy. The known. The unknown.

it doesn’t matter what the other is. All that matters is how does God expect me to love the other.

I recently have been reintroduced to a scripture that honestly never quite caught my attention.

But this one verse says so much about who I am. About my heart. About who HE wants me to be. How he wants me to look at the other.

Ephesians 3:2  (ESV) assuming that you have heard of the stewardship of God’s grace that was given to me for you,

God has really been patient with me through out my life. Most of it, I didn’t even realize He was watching. The rest, I was more focused on me than the other. Then Ephesians 3:2 showed up in my life.

The understanding of the stewardship of God’s grace for me, was given to me so that I would give it to the other.

Now with each new day, I wake, grateful for His grace so I can give it away. Always remembering that I didn’t, don’t, deserve it either. Yet He still gives it.

So today, in my world, the other standing in front of me will receive the stewardship of God’s grace.

Lord, I ask you to use me daily. To show me who the other is that needs to feel your love and unconditional grace. Amen!

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