Fast Food Relationships

We all do it! Drive through the fast food establishment that we love and grab us a meal that satisfies our hunger pains and sustains us. At least for a little while.

We do it even though we know that it may not be the best nutrition. And it may not truly satisfy our deepest desires of our taste buds. But it’s fast and it’s cheap.

It’s fine, I guess, that we all do the fast food line thing. But in other aspects of our lives, such as in our relationships, is the “fast food” method the best?

I would have to say, “NO”!

The fast food method in our relationships is not sustainable, they are superficial. They do not satisfy our hunger pains from the need for love (closeness), they leave us empty and a huge hole inside.

Think about it! If we were truly wanting a meal that would sustain us in the long run and totally fill us by satisfying our internal need for nutrition, then we wouldn’t go to a fast food establishment. We would choose a place where we could sit down, relax, share some meaningful conversation and enjoy a well balanced meal. All of which would totally fill our desires as a human being.

The same goes for relationships. Fast food relationships just won’t cut it! God placed deep in our souls, the desire real lasting relationships. Ones that fill our hearts desires, satisfy our nutritional love hunger pains and create meaningful and beautiful conversations.

Fast food relationships are just as it says, fast and not lasting. Nutritional, long lasting, deep filling and perfectly satisfying relationships take time.

Which would you choose?

Do you know how it feels to have that type of relationship?

Are you willing to be one that gives more than you take?

You choose?

If you’d like to search deep inside yourself to discover how? Contact me and I’ll journey through this process with you.

You can find my email address on my “Contact Me” link.

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