Everyone loves bubble wrap! Something about that popping sound that brings out the happy, joy filled, care free, expectant child in each one of us.

The anticipation of that sound keeps us at the edge of our seats just waiting to hear it. I wonder if I went and purchased a box of bubble wrap if it would carry away all the many fears, worries, struggles and painful things that I have had and still do in some way carry around within myself.

Some how I doubt it. That happy, joy filled, care free, expectant child inside, has be ripped away as I’ve aged and as I’ve lived this life. But wait, even though bubble wrap won’t do it, I know, I’ve experienced, I’ve held on to, the ONE thing, the ONE person that would.

Psalm 55:22 (NIV)“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Be sure to cast your fears or worries on God. If you feel stressed or worried, do not allow yourself to be shaken. God’s grace is enough.

I’ve heard and read this scripture so many times but somehow I really didn’t understand it. I was still searching for something external that would carry away all my pains. Although they may have carried them away, it was only temporary and sometimes I came out of it with even more pain.

I have had many pains and struggles through out my 58 years here on earth and I’m sure that there will be more. Some of those pains became real for me as a child and I was still carrying them around. The load got heavier and heavier with every day that I carried them. I have done well over the last several years to free myself of some of that load. Actually, it wasn’t “I” who freed me, it was God. But I had to allow HIM to do it. I had to understand that HIS Grace is Enough for me.

I had to understand and realize that there will be those pains and struggles that are solely mine and with my change and my repentance, God’s grace will allow me to let go of those things. But there will be pain and struggle in our lives that are caused by others and our change and our letting go will not affect that actions or feelings of the other. I had to understand that God’s grace will and does still cover me in those pains and struggles. Because He reminded me that I am not responsible for others or their actions and feelings. That is something that they will wrestle with God over.

So for me, I have casts my care to God. I fully understand that His Grace is enough and I can lean into Him to find that happy, joy filled, care free, expectant child. I do have much RELIEF in my soul.

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