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Jennifer Gould: Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Teacher , Friend and Daughter in law. Thankful to have her !

My middle child, who is my only son, is almost through Kindergarten, which means it’s time to graduate him from a children’s Bible to a full text Bible of his own. It is so important that children are in the Word, and although he isn’t fully reading it won’t be long, and having a Bible of their own encourages children to read the Word for themselves.  My lovely mother in law, author of blog, got a free children’s Bible to review, and it just so happens it will be a great fit for my six year old. 

The NASB Adventure Bible by ZonderKidz proclaims it is the #1 Bible for kids right on the cover.  After browsing online I can see why.  They just released the NASB version, but if that’s not your jam don’t worry!  They carry NKJV, NIV, NRSV, and NirV (my favorite for beginning readers) as well as the Biblia Aventura NVI spanish translation.  Not only that but all of them are available in a wide variety from the colorful Koala hardcover version I have in my possession, to blue, pink, purple and green softcovers, as well as ones with magnetic closures, elastic closures and even clip closures.  They even have a finger tabbed version.  They also have a few special prints, the zebra being my favorite and even a coral llama print coming out this fall.  

The one I have with the Koala print is not gender specific, but I can see the appeal for boys.  I can certainly see this as a good introductory Bible for kids, that is then passed down to younger children as pre-teens graduate to their own less “childish” Bibles.  Looking through this took me back to my first Bible.  It was a Precious Moments Bible with cute pictures and notes on the pages.  It even has all color page inserts that are very reminiscent of that Precious Moments Bible I had.  This has a 9.5 font, which is nice considering most of our Bibles are in 8 point font.  This along with the two column format makes it easier for younger readers to track the text. 

The Bible includes several features such as Life in Bible Times notes to give historical context, Words to Treasure which are important verses or verses that are great to memorize, Did You Know notes with interesting facts, People in Bible Times to offer insight into some of the greatest characters in the Bible, and lastly Live It notes that give ideas for actionable lessons to take away from passages of scripture.  Even with all these fun boxes of notes, the main focus is still the Bible itself. 

One of the things that surprised me most was that there is a Dictionary/concordance, index and even full color maps in the back of the Bible!  I love having maps in a Bible, especially when teaching stories to children and you are trying to help to visualize what is happening.  If you want to start a more formal Bible study with your kids, Zondervan offers coordinating Bible journals called Field Notes that include the full text of one book of the Bible on one side of the page and journaling space on the other.  This would be a great option for more inductive study if you don’t want them to mark up the Bible itself. 

If you are looking for a great starter Bible for your own children, for gifts to others, or even copies for church use (they do offer bulk ordering), I would certainly recommend the Adventure Bible by ZonderKidz.  It’s an economical choice (between $15-$23) that includes features many lack as well as a great variety in translations, and cover choices.  

Thank you to Jennifer Gould for her willingness to review this sweet kidz bible and share her thoughts with you. I hope that you have gleaned some information and if you have kids or grandkids, you may want to pick one up for them at or Adventures Bible or at your favorite online Christian book store. Also, thanks to for providing me with this avenue to share the gospel and great tools.

Do you have questions, feel free to contact me at and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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