Bowl of Mixed Fruit

When you look at this bowl of fruit, you immediately see many different types, tastes and geographical origination spots.

What is the process when you make a fruit salad?
1. Shred the outer layer
2. Cut out the core
3. Remove the seeds
4. Separate from the whole and blend together

I’ve been considering what my surroundings look like. Does everyone look like me or am I a bowl of mixed fruit?

In a world that we want to live autonomously but where Jesus would want us to live as community, we must be willing to go through the fruit salad making process.

1. Remove that hard outer shell that keeps us closed off from those when look different.
2. Self reflect and grasp that our experiences and understandings are difference than everyone else and be willing to strip ourselves of the core that doesn’t allow us to blend with others.
3. Remove the seeds of bitterness, anger, resentment and any other seeds that would put a hardness in the mix.
4. Be willing to separate ourselves from those who look and think like we do and blend ourselves with different. It will make for a beautiful community.

If you are willing and would like coaching around dancing between the cultures, contact me to set up a coaching session and start the process.
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