Grace & Truth Study Bible

Zondervan has made available to you the new Grace & Truth study bible in the New International Version. The new study Bible that emphasizes in its reference commentary notes the central themes of grace and truth throughout Scripture is now published by Zondervan.

You can find the beautiful bible in hard cover at . Or you can find it leather bond at .

The NIV Grace and Truth Study Bible (Zondervan, 2021) is the first study Bible to be included in Zondervan’s Premier Collection Bibles, which feature the highest Bible craftmanship with hand-bound goatskin covers, elegant art-gilt page edges, premium European paper, and three double-sided satin ribbon markers. In addition to the NIV editions in English, Vida Publishing has simultaneously released this Bible in Spanish as the NBLA Biblia de Estudio Gracia y Verdad (Vida, 2021).

The general editor is Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., who serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world. Widely sought as a columnist and commentator, called him the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.” Along with many other editors and contributors from all over the world.

The Grace & Truth study bible is full of helpful aids for day to day reading and study. It features a full Table of Contents along with a list of the books of the bible in alphabetical order. It offers an extensive NIV concordance which offers you the ability to look up 100’s of words listing what book and chapter they appear in, such as the word Grace itself appears in the NIV over 124 times and this concordance will point you to where they are located.

It also offers you 14 full color maps along with an Index of Maps where it tells you which map and where on that map you can find well over 500 locations.

This bible comes to you in a comfort print making it easy to read. Each book of the Bible has a “book introduction, which gives you helpful information about the book. It has a cross reference system where it shows where a particular word or term appears in another part of the bible. It also offers study notes that explain or gives you background on words, phrases and the flow of the argument to aid you in greater understanding.

You will find this is a RED LETTER edition which shows you when it is Jesus speaking.

This bibles offers a lovely setting with comfort print, 2 column text, study notes and more.

If you or someone you know are looking for or need a bible that will help you get more out of your reading, this bible is for you.

As a Bible Gateway blogger, I was offered to write a blog on this new bible and share it with you. I am blessed by Bible Gateway to have the ability to look up and study the bible in a new way. Bible gateway offers over 200 countries and over 70 languages the ability to have God’s word.

You can find Bible Gateway at

I received this bible free from Bible Gateway and I am thrilled to have it.


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