My prayers at times sounds like a shopping list of needs and then I stop! I explain to HIM what I need, why I need it and when I need it. Does this sound familiar or am I alone in this type of prayer?

And then a small voice says, “All you need is me. I am enough.”. And privately scold myself for being so needy when in reality I have everything I need. I may have a shopping list of things I want, and He will provide some of those but only God knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I’ve seen it happen over and over, I ask, He provides even if it doesn’t look exactly like what I thought I needed. He still provided.

So, I’ve decided it’s okay that I ask! Whether it’s a need or a want, He just wants me to talk with Him. A simple conversation, just as I do with all my other friends. He knows that I’m thinking even before I speak, so why not speak.

So ask Him! Don’t worry about all the fine details, He will sort through them and give you exactly what you need.

Rhonda Gould, ICF Certified Life Coach

3 thoughts on “Need

    1. Thank you so much! The fact that you commented encourages me to keep going. Also Thank you for following my blog/website. Praying that God will use our words to serve other and bring HIM glory.


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