Broken Pieces

When have you had a picture in your mind that got shattered without warning?

Could be from a death, a divorce, or any number of things.

I have!

What is your process of knowing how to work through that broken picture?

I have written out mine. It’s a process that I didn’t create but that God laid out for me during my healing stages.

When will you be ready to process all the broken pieces?

You can find my book/workbook on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Click to Purchase: The Journey: Finding Healing through Scripture from Life’s Hard Questions

Let HIM heal you now.

What Annie says:

Rhonda’s workbook, “The Journey: Finding Healing through Scripture from Life’s Hard Questions”, came at God’s perfect timing. I was a little scared to work through the questions at first because I’m not big on self-reflection. I’m a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kind of girl. But God knew I needed to work on some emotional issues for myself that would also impact those around me. Rhonda’s questions were thought provoking and gentle. The process opened up some hidden wounds that needed to be healed so I could understand God’s love for me and his purpose for my life. This has allowed me to free up space in my heart to love others better. I think everyone should go through this process on a regular basis. 


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