My mind is spinning!

I was sitting at my desk in my quiet home, doing some bible study and then I get a notification on my phone. I look and it’s an email from Joseph-Beth Booksellers ( )

They are going to put my book in the Lexington Store!!!!

What ???? God is moving and my mind is spinning. This is another exclamation point on HIS plan!

You can get my book on Amazon as well as the Joseph Beth bookstores.


See email below!! Amazed is not even adequate for how I’m feeling!

Kim Brock
4:49 PM (11 minutes ago)
to me
Thank you for your local author book submission. We appreciate your patience as we review submissions. Due to the pandemic, we have a considerable back log, and your patience means a lot to us.
Your title meets our criteria for availability and terms, and we are happy to carry it in our LEXINGTON store. We will order stock from Ingram and pass your information along to our Event Manager. They will review your information and be in touch if they would like to host an event. Please allow about three weeks for the book to be ordered and get out onto the shelves.
Feel free to self-promote and advertise your book as being available at Joseph-Beth. We find authors that list us on any of their marketing materials do much better with sales.
Thank you and congratulations on your publication.
Best regards,
The Local Author Submissions Team
Joseph-Beth Booksellers

2 thoughts on “My mind is spinning!

  1. I know you’re surprised but I’m not! We’ll deserved my dear friend! This is the first of many! Continued blessings on all your efforts!


    1. Thank you! Love you for all your support, encouragement and love. Many years of love, which is hard to come by these days. You’re trip looks amazing! You too could write a book on that experience and your “why” for taking it. Love you!


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