Living Water

John 4:26

Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”

This verse comes from the story of the Samaritan woman, the well and Jesus in John 4.   This is a scripture that talks to me loudly.  If you’ve ever read this story and know a little about the “big picture”, it was way beyond breaking all boundaries for Jesus to speak to this woman.  Never mind that it was a Samaritan and a woman, she was also a sinner!  Just ask around, everyone in her town would tell ya. But Jesus had never been to her town gathering information on her.   He just knew!  The sins that we carry around, the shame that keeps us wanting to cover it up and the guilt that makes us believe that we are unworthy is no match for the “I am”.  Jesus knows it all!  And He loves us anyway!    He is our promise for a better ending to our life.   This Samaritan woman had a story of redemption because of Jesus, he gave her the strength to tell it and that gave others the hope for their own story.  I know that story, I understand that shame, that guilt, that heart ache and I understand that Love that He has for me.  That is what makes it possible for me to hope for a better ending.

water cross

only god

So don’t waste your story……………every story is worth sharing!

Lord thank You for being my living water.  For washing me clean daily and giving me the strength to share what You have done for me.   Please continue to walk that path with my family and friends.  Help them to see!  Amen

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