Rejoice and Be Glad

Matt 5:12

Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Rejoice and be glad! What a concept! Do we walk around daily being envious of others possessions, tearing ourselves down because we aren’t as pretty or handsome as someone else, working ourselves to the point of exhaustion so that we can get the pat on the back of “good job”, putting on the blinders of those that need and/or love us, sacrificing our moral standards so that we can fit in the group, judging others so that we can feel better about ourselves, hiding the hurts inside so that people around us will think that “we have it all together”, letting the things that flow out of our mouths tear down instead of building up, expecting others to think like I do without considering they are their own person, watching/listening/reading things that create anger-resentment-lewd thoughts or feeling and walking around with a snarl on your face that lets others know they better stay away from you.
rejoice 2.jpg
Lord, what a true blessing it is to lean on You daily, knowing that You will provide me with everything that I need, most things that I want and just the right people around me to enjoy my life with. I get pulled in sometimes believing the ways of the world forgetting that it doesn’t matter what size my house is as long as it gives me a place to lay my head, it doesn’t matter what kind of car I drive as long as I use it to gets me to places where I can show others “YOU”, it doesn’t matter if others get the praise from the world as long as I’m praising “YOU”, it doesn’t matter how others look at me as long as I remember You created me just as I am, understanding that life will be hard sometimes and I may questions “why me” but seeking You out through the pain is what I’m learning so that I can be a light for someone else, being cautious about what I allow in my soul so that which comes out will be pleasing to You and being a smile for someone that is struggling to make it through their day. I can do all this by Your strength in me!

Thank You Lord for creating me Perfect in Your eyes! Please be with my family and friends, help them to understand that perfection is only if the eye of the beholder is You. Amen!


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