Cord of Strands

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
I found some older pictures but decided against it!!!!!!!!  In 1987, 29 years ago,  I moved from Texas, where I lived to North Carolina.  Shortly  found myself in a new home, new job and a new church. That’s where I meet these ladies. Each one has played a vital role in my life as a woman, a wife , a mother and a friend.  We have been through life experiences together!  Births, deaths, illnesses, rejoicings, failures, frustrations, you name it, we’ve had it!  And in this case a cord of 5 strands is not quickly broken! We may not see each other or talk to each other but a couple times a year but IF I NEEDED THEM, you could bet, THEY WOULD BE HERE IN A HEART BEAT!  I could count on that!
Nothing replaces friendships!  And my God has placed some very special ones in my life. He has shown me much grace!  Friendships are not just given though, I must give to receive.  I must give of myself, fully, unconditionally, lovingly so that I can receive of them, fully, unconditionally and lovingly.
I am forever grateful for the love that I have in my friendships of almost 30 years now. Wow! and Ouch!  I am also forever grateful for friendships of those that are not pictured, some I have known for well over 30 years and some are just babes in the friendship life but ALL ARE SPECIAL in my world.
Lord, Thank You for showing me grace by giving me friends to love me here on earth. Help me to be a friend back.  Amen!

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